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Anti-Malware/Anti-Spyware. Detects and eliminates malware your antivirus will miss.


  • Pricing

    We currently charge $65.00 an hour plus parts, plus tax. We will complete the job even if it takes longer than two hours.

  • Hours

    Our hours of operation are on a on call base. You can contact us at 623-680-1775. We are always available 24 hours a day and can setup a time to meet with you.

  • Repair/Service

    We can assist you in getting your technology issue resolved in several ways.

    1. We can come to your location and fix it there.
    2. We can pick up your computer, laptop, mobile device and fix and then return it.
    3. We can assist remotely.
  •  How to contact us

    There are several ways to contact us:

        1. You can call us at: 623-680-1775
        2. You can fax us at: 623-505-0970
        3. You can email us at:
        1. You can contact us using our
    Contact Form
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